TESTIMONIALS: From our clients!

I have known Eric Turnbow in a variety of capacities for many years. He is an experience Karaoke host, entertainer, musician, actor, communicator, writer and web designer. In addition, he is also a small business owner, who oversees several sub-contractors. Eric is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. He is very energetic and likes to get a job done. In summary, I highly recommend Eric for any position or endeavor that he may seek to pursue. He will be a valuable asset for any organization.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely, Judith A. Roderick   360-357-9304  Fax Number:  360 357-4633

Her  e-mail address is : judith@mcswaincpa.net

McSwain and Company, PS


Tammy says: (Heroes Lounge: 253 964 0331)

    • January 10, 2011:  Eric Turnbow and his Disc Jockey Company, has been the regular “Digital DJ” for our Finally Friday events at Joint Base Lewis McChord. He has done an outstanding job, is wonderful inter-acting with the crowd and getting everyone up and singing! With the wide variety of music at his fingertips, he has something for everyone! I would highly recommend him for any type of event that needs music.”Tammy Hite – Business Manager – Joint Base Lewis/McChord
    • ____________________________________________________
    • Phil says: April 10, 2011: That was the best idea for a wedding. Karaoke? Why not? It was soooo much fun. Everyone participated somehow, in preparation or singing or just being. Phil Trudell (Satisfied Groom and Wedding Customer)
    • ___________________________________________
    • Janet says: April 4, 2011: “As Mother of the Bride I would like to say that Eric did a great job for us and I would recommend him again and again. Very professional!” (Wedding Client) ____________________________________________
    • Brittanie says:  January 17, 2011: “I have such a great time when participating…Eric is very professional as well as upbeat and encouraging!…”   -Brittanie M. Boe  (Satisfied Customer)
    • _____________________________________________
    • Peter says: January 15, 2011: “I have worked with Eric Turnbow in 2010 and 2011 as bar manager, I found him to professional on time and accountable. I would highly recommend his service.”Peter Pak – Cascade Community Center (Assistant Manager)
    • _____________________________________
    • Jamie says:  January 15, 2011: Eric Turnbow is excellent at hosting an event as well as bringing out certain sides of his guests that normally aren’t seen!! I have no doubt he could have a beautiful bride yelling out the lyrics to “Brick House”. :-) … He is that last shot, that last beer that brings you to the brink of elation and I personally will remember the nights that he hosted as some of the best times of my life!” Jamie Summers (Regular Customer)
    • ___________________________________________
    • Lynn says: December 23, 2010: “We want to thank you for the wonderful job u did at Jackie and Ross’s Wedding on Aug 2 everyone enjoyed the music and had nothing but good to say about You. so thanks again for being there.” Lynn Morgan  (Mother of The Bride at Wedding Event)

Just Hire Us!

Melissa wrote: (01-16-14)  “Awe… you guys are absolutely awesome!!! We
had such an amazing time we loved meeting you all! It is definitely our
new hang out when we are in the south area make sure to save us some
seats and song slips! ♥♥♥Muah muah muah♥♥♥ Thank you so much… is an
honor to be included with so many other talented people.”  “Was a
fabulous night! We will make it our hang out from now on… thanks for
making it an awesome time for a bunch of Marines looking for great food
great service and great entertainment! We had a blast!” (Happy Patron)
Kalola wrote:  “We always have a good time when we go to a DJ show or a “Cosmic Karaoke and DJ”  show…. (Great Friend)
Janet Dubuque wrote:  “I have seen Eric in action on many occasions as a DJ and he is excellent!!!” (Family Friend)
Micale- Fosmark wrote: 21 June: Thank you my dear , I so
appreciate you and your friendship . I will send you all the info
tomorrow . Your the best DJ Karaoke host ever , love ya my friend

Bri wrote: “HAHAHAHAHAHA! Never a dull moment at karaoke ;)”

Angie wrote: “Awesome!!! ” (Mom and Customer Farrelli’s Pizza Dupont)
Shawna wrote: “Oh no…I’ve been alien-ized! Thanks for a fun night Eric
…you’re great at what you do!” (Facebook Fan)
Cindy wrote: “That was a Great Day of Fun & singing…”  “Those were some Great times….!!!”  (Satisfied Custumer)
Lary wrote: “YOUR GREAT BUD , KEEP YOUR FUN GOING” (Premier Elvis Tribute Entertainer)
David wrote: “Let’s keep the Pisces fun going! Loved your music there.”
Ann wrote: “Thanks Eric! Great Job….we want you back soon!” (Repeat Customer)
Miriam wrote:  Proud of your great DJ and Karaoke business. You are very savoy. Keep on keepin’ on, brother!
Tom wrote: “I’ve been to your shows before. Good times”! (Long lost Fan)
Clayton Krueger wrote: “Thanks for sharing on our page. I love that you are active on social media!”  (Director of Marketing & Communications at Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza)

Chris wrote: “E.T. offers us his glimpse of how karaoke hosting has
become completely computerized; many “light years” ago from how it used
to be 2 decades ago.” (Follower for 2 Decades)
Tammy Fisher wrote” Thank you so much. We are so glad to have you breathe
some life into our karaoke night! See you next Saturday!!! (Manager)
David Rivers wrote: “THANKS BRO !!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ERIC” (Fellow DJ Comrade in the Business).
Garry and Marge Renner wrote: “Eric, your welcoming to all relatives who
came from NY, Nev., Ariz. N.Dak, Ore., Wa and of course the 7
Australian cousins that were here was just great. They loved the
Waltzing Matilda song you played for them. Also, everyone loved the
tribute you did for our Military men and women. Samantha was a little
hesitant about getting up on stage, but she did it and appreciated the
special song you played for her and all the military. That was a special
moment for all of us.” “An absolutely WONDERFUL family reunion
weekend!! Erik, the DJ put a lot of icing on the cake, great job, Erik!
Every one loved having you here. Will call you for next year.”
“Fantastic time and fun!! Thanks so much for being here. Every body
loved it!!” (10 time returning Client every single year)
Tracy wrote: “I still have my E.T.’s Cosmic Karaoke trinket on my key-chain after all this time!” (Former Assistant Manager at “The Keg” in Olympia WA.)
Dee wrote: “I agree with Sandra 100% what a great time you guys are the
best and I danced til my feet hurt lol;)” “lol thanks Eric we had fun
too…we always do. Yay on the hat we love it lol” (Heroe’s Lounge Regular Fort Lewis)
Tom Wasnock wrote: “Finally some good news coming out of JBLM. Way to go ET!” (Long time Follower)
Keith Lampard wrote: “LOL Wow! So unexpected….. Thanks Eric…..” (Co-Owner od “South Bay Pub” in Olympia WA.)
Crystle  Jenson wrote: “Can’t wait to sing some karaoke with my fav. dj Eric
Turnbow ! Woot woot! Look forward to it every week!!” “I have a regular
group of 4 or 5 Ladies every week”!
Deejay-Dan wrote: “Look Supreme!!! I Likes!!” (Fellow DJ and Facebook Friend)
Melissa wrote: “I  love to sing with you, ET.” (Happy Customer)
Lanny Thompson wrote: LQQKS like fun !
Donna Odgen Wrote: “Thanks for the fun karaoke last night, Eric ”
Joey Stern wrote: “I will be booking in the very near future!”

  •  Jamie says January 15, 2014 at 2:48 pm
    “Getting pretty stoked to celebrate Eric Turnbow’s 20 years in the biz of karaoke on Saturday night! Let’s all show our pretty faces as well!” “Really proud of my friend, Eric Turnbow and his fantastic care
    ful planning he puts in His shows.

  •  ____________________________________

    Eric was recently honoured when he was asked by Michael Moore to be included in his Major Motion Picture released called “Sicko”. 72 seconds of awesome screen time n the second highest grossing academy award nomination Documentary picture of all time). It grossed well over 36 million dollars!
    Pamela wrote: “Rock Out, Dude!!! :-D”  (And yes…. We sure did)!
    Stephanie wrote: 11-07-14: With with Eric the.awesome karaoke DJ Host and Guy who should sing more Cat Stevens and Harry Chaplin Songs.
    Vikki wrote on 11-08-:  pro–all the way along.  What a great promoter!

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