Danya’s Awesome Wedding event at “The Mark” in Olympia 08-24-2014

“The Mark” in down town Olympia was the place to be for a killer Wedding Ceremony and reception this summer!  This was a cool wedding for sure! They asked me to play guitar for about 45 minutes before the ceremony, and then play special guitar songs “Blackbird’ by the Beatles, and “Ode To Joy” by Beethoven. I like special event songs like this with an original and cool arrangements (While You wait). Plus we rocked them at the Reception. Lots of dancing and special songs for sure! Thanks Danya and congrats to You and Hubby!


The ceremony was way cool! We played acoustic guitar music instead of the standard Procession music. Pictured here is the Bride Danya and Her Dad giving Her away!


The Gibson Hummingbird Guitar was the perfect choice for a “Custom” Feel.


Gorgeous Bride!


The “First dance”! Congrats You Two!



Custom play list provided!


This the actual Play-list for the event!


“The Mark” was a great venue of choice for this event!


Lots of Dancing!


Tight Stage set up! Thanks People!


“Penny” did Make up, Photography, and even sang a few Love Songs! So talented. Way to go! Best of Luck in the new adventure!

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